Christmas Day at the Singapore Philatelic Museum

                                          Chinese New Year Day at the Singapore Philatelic Muuseum


Thank you for visiting my blog, what you are about to see are most of the 
postmarks that I designed for the Singapore Philatelic Museum since 2004

I am not a museum curator, only a volunteer philatelist. 
My main interest are collecting thematic stamps.  
All these postmarks were designed for yearly 
special events such as New Year, 
National Day and Festive Celebrations.


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Year 2018

New Year
1 January 2018

Postmark depicting champagne glasses
and calendar with, dated 1 Jan 2018.

Chinese New Year
16 February 2018

Postmark depicting a Dog's Head,
dated 16 Feb 2018, the first day of
the Lunar New Year.

Postmark depicting Lion Dance and Fire Crackers,
dated 17 Feb 2018, the second day of
the Lunar New Year.

New Year
1 January 2018

Chinese New Year
16 February 2018

YEAR 2017

New Year
1 January 2017

Postmark depicting four balloons 
with "2017", dated 1 Jan 2017

Chinese New Year
28 - 29 January 2017

Postmark depicting a Cockerel Head,
dated 28 Jan 2017, the first day of
the Lunar New Year.

Year of the Rooster cover with zodiac stamp.

Postmark depicting Lion Dance, 
Fire Crackers,Oranges and Red Packet,
dated 29 Jan 2017.

The Chinese New Year postmark in concordance
 with the Lion Dance Cover and Oranges stamps.

Hari Raya Aidulfitri
25 June 2017

Postmark depicting a mosque, ketupat 
and a happy family celebrating the 
New Year, dated 25 Jun 2017

National Day
9 August 2017

Postmark depicting stylised 
Lion Head with the aerobatic aircraft, 
dated 9 Aug 2017.

18 October 2017

Postmark depicting Peacock, Ganesha 
and Oil Lamp dated 18 Oct 2017


YEAR 2016

New Year
1 January 2016

Post mark showing a champagne glasses in 
welcoming the new year count down.

Chinese New Year
 8 - 9 February 2016

Chinese New Year cancellation with Monkey Zodiac sign
dated 8 Feb 2016 (The first day of CNY).

Chinese New Year cancellation depicting lion
dance dated 9 Feb 2016 (2nd day of CNY).

Hari Raya Aidilfitri
6 July 2016

Hari Raya postmark dated 6 July 2016
The mark depicting Mosque, Ketupat and Oil Lamp.

Hari Raya cover depicting Mosque, Ketupat  and Oil Lamp.

National Day
9 August 2016

The only time that the National Day celebration 
is held at the new National Stadium.

26 October 2016

Postmark with "3-in-1" symbol depicting 
celestial Peacock, Lord Ganesha, and Oil Lamp.

The postmark can be seen here in concordance with the
covers and stamps design.

The postmark is used on the maxi-card showing
the Indian traveling tea seller.

25 December 2016


YEAR 2015

Chinese New Year
29 February 2015

 Maxi-card on the "Year of the Goat"

Hari Raya Aidilfitri
17 July 2015

The postmark design and cover depicting the ketupat rice.

National Day
7 & 9 August 2015

Cover commemorating Singapore's 50 years of  Independence.

10 November 2015

Postmark depicting a stylised peacock.

25 December 2015

Christmas postmark depicting a 
Santa on the Sledge.


YEAR 2014

New Year Day
1 January 2014

Nothing can be better than celebrating the
 New Year with another champagne toast.  
Size: 32 mm diagonal.
Designer: Johnny Lowis.

Special Open House souvenir cover to 
celebrate the New Year, with postmark 
and cachet dated: 1 January 2014.

Chinese New Year
31 January & 1 February 2014

Postmark with Chinese Calligraphy "" and 
War Horse head.  Size: 33 mm height. 

Designer: Johnny Lowis.

Special Cover on "Year of the Horse" 
with postmark dated: 31 Jan 2014.
(Cover & Postmark designer: Johnny Lowis)

 Announcing the arrival of the Spring "春" season,
      to celebrate the Lunar New Year with firecrackers.    
 Size: 32 mm diameter.
Designer: Johnny Lowis.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri
28 July 2014

A pair of Ketupat Rice

Designer: Johnny Lowis

Cancellation dated 28 July 2014, featuring the
Malay's Rice "Ketupats".

National Day
9 August 2014

National Day cancellation dated 9 Aug 2014, featuring the
Chinook helicopter accompanied by two Apache helicopters.

22 October 2014

Stylised oil lamp.
Size: 32 mm diameter.

Designer: Johnny Lowis.

Special post marks dated 22 Oct 2014.

Christmas Day
25 December 2014

Depicting a stylised Christmas Tree 
with presents below.
Size: 32mm  diameter.
Designer: Johnny Lowis

2013 Postmarks

New Year Day
1 January 2013

The postmark depicting joyful party goers in
celebrating the count down.

Size: 32 mm diameter.
Designer: Johnny Lowis.

Chinese New Year
10 & 11 February 2013

Example of the postmark used on the maxi card.

Chinese calligraphy of SNAKE " 蛇 " with a 
King Cobra head.   Size: 33 mm height.
Designer: Johnny Lowis.

Celebrating Chinese New Year with 
Lion Dance and Firecrackers.     
Size: 32 mm  diameter.
Designer: Johnny Lowis

2 November 2013

To celebrate the Year of Light, a stylised
 Oil Lamp is chosen for this year postmark design.  

Size: 32 mm diameter.
Designer: Johnny Lowis.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri
8 August 2013

Singapore Philatelic Museum celebrated the Muslim 
New Year with postmark dated 8 Aug 2013.  For this 
occasion, a stamp with Sultan Mosque is used.

Mosque building and Fireworks
  is chosen for this year theme.    
Size: 32 mm diameter.
Designer: Johnny Lowis.

25 December 2013

A stylised Christmas Tree and a Ribbon Banner.

Size: 32 mm diameter.
Designer: Johnny Lowis.