Year 2018

New Year
1 January 2018

Postmark depicting champagne glasses
and calendar with, dated 1 Jan 2018.
Designer: Johnny Lowis

   New Year souvenir cover

Chinese New Year
16 February 2018

Postmark depicting a Dog's Head,
dated 16 Feb 2018, the first day of
the Lunar New Year.
Designer: Johnny Lowis

Four types of Maxi cards for the "Year of Dog"

Postmark depicting Lion Dance and Fire Crackers,
dated 17 Feb 2018, the second day of
the Lunar New Year.
Designer: Johnny Lowis

Chinese New Year souvenir cover.

Hari Raya Aidulfitri
15 June 2018

Postmark depicting Children with
Mosque and Ketupats.
Dated 15 June 2018
Designer: Johnny Lowis

Souvenir Cover showing kids on new year
visiting travelling on vespa.

National Day
9 August 2018

Postmark depicting "Gardens by the Bay"
with an aerial fly fast by RSAF aircraft.
Designer: Johnny Lowis

Souvenir cover showing RSAF aerobatic
aircraft fly past Singapore's skyline.